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Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
milittry. i'll make the crrtical defense remain secure the decisions we pake wiil determine our ability to protect merica tomorrow. romney sayd he would increase milittry spending,,work to arm syrian rebels...ensure the u-s and it's allies would prevent iran from getting nuclear weaponn, and work to start romney and obama will et an opportunity to talk international relations ffce-tooface at the october will focus on foreign policy. the obama campaign releases a comment romney made during the &pfirss presidential debate. guts...outcue: its sesame street streetthe d is in response to romney saying he would cut funding to p-b-s.the comment has sparked several jokes online and on late night rrsponse from the &pbizarre moments ffr a q-v-c host... live oo air. air.nats of what happened. happened. it haapened ssnday night... as you can see host, cassie slane stopped talking in mmd-sentence... and clutchess her chest!!ut she recovers... and keeps going. going.the video assuploaded to youtube.the homeeshopping network says slane experienced a brief fainting spell and slaneeherssl
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT 80 percent 3 security...defense...we don't talk about the big ppats that's my whole point..... (nats......hold for about 10 sec)(10:07)what thii add really says about the vvters are....john dede a political analysts weighs in......(10:11) people get confused by dodd frank people get confused bb pinancial regulation reforn but big biid everyone ddbate........even though he would cut funding to pbs.......he added....."i like pbb.....i likk big bird"... (nat of ad)the ppesident who was widely proclaamed the loser of lass week's debate has used that comment as a laugh line at recent camppign events........(10:51)when someone brags about getting rid of big bird and getting rrd of public televisioo its looked at like what is this guy thinking....(nats of ad) years republicans tried to go after ublic television and dems immediately respond you are declaring war agianst sesame street. sessme workshop releaaed a statemmntttuesday... sayinn quote - "we have approved no campaign ads and as is our general practice have requested that the ad be taken down." coming up... it's take two..
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2